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Normal topic MCreator Crashing
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i kinda want an event that detects if an item is in your off-hand AKA: Event: (If Item is in Off-han... Show comment
try highering the amount of RAM MCreator uses, i had the same problem and highering the RAM fixed it Show comment
@#2 technically, mods for console are custom maps uploaded to console, so you can add anything you w... Show comment
if your not gonna make any custom models, i made a Honey, Lucky and Gold Slime using the Base for th... Show comment
why not spawn a vine in the same area as a player if a player is holding an item, and make it destro... Show comment
@#1.1 thats only if you have a powerful PC, u need to LOWER the RAM amount if your running a poor PC Show comment
Try Lowering the Amount of Maximun Ram MCreator Needs in Settings, maybe that will fix it Show comment
Could not reserve enough space for 3145728KB object heap Try Lowering the Amount of Maximun RAM MCre... Show comment
MrExo, i know you wanted a GUI, but i managed to recreate something like how you wanted using a bloc... Show comment
@#3 good job! =) i give you + 1 Respect for figuring it out. Show comment