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I am Eonaut. At least to the internet I am. I currently have three mods, the hodge-podge mod and its sequel, and the Natural Woods mod. I made Hodge-podge to add all the features I found myself wishing for that were not in any other mod I knew of. Personally, I think it is one of the better mods here, but obviously I'm biased. The natural woods mod was originally going to be included in hodge-podge, but I felt that it was big and useful enough to be its own mod.

 I love Minecraft, but I don't know squat about coding, so I think this program is wonderful. That is also why I may bombard the forums with questions from time to time. If anyone wants to know and hasn't guessed it yet, my Minecraft username is Eonaut. My skin is a zombie cowman. (which I just so happened to include in the mod).

I help out with mod support for Eleazzaar's texture pack Lithos:Core. (See original page here:http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/lithos----mostly-faithful-sm...) As such, the hodge-podge mod has support.

Mods of the week:

Hodge-Podge Mod- 12/10/16

Hodge-Podge II- 2/4/17 and 4/22/17 (I didn't even submit it into the drawings either time, so I guess someone (Klemen?) must really like it.)

Natual Woods- 5/6/17 (Another one that I didn't submit into the drawings) and 7/11/17 (This time I DID submit)


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The Natural Woods Mod


Hodge-Podge Mod II

All blocks, portals, and igniters

Hodge-Podge Mod


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