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I am the owner of this website and the main moderator. I have also developed MCreator and am still the main developer of it.

If you want to tell me something privately, use the site contact form and write KLEMEN at the beggining of the subject so we can sort the mail. Most of the time, I choose mods of the week, I also try to moderate forums as much as possible and remove bad modifications.

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I have removed mods you listed. I hope you will post new ones that will replace these :) Show comment
If you would like some of your mods removed, list them here and one of our moderators will remove th... Show comment
@#32 No problem :D Show comment
@#3 This is a rather strange bug. I have checked and this is not supposed to happen in such case. I... Show comment
@#31 Right now, I can't disclose our release schedule, sorry. Show comment
Could you please click the Copy error log and close button. Then paste the error log that will be pu... Show comment
@#1 Google drive is not a good option for image hosting. Show comment
@#30 Harvest level of blocks or tools? Show comment
@#7 This should fix the compilation problem yes, this was only a syntax error in the code. Show comment
@#29 We might implement this in the future. Show comment