We have the winner of the mod contest - Final Science!

We have the winner of the mod contest - Final Science! Congratulations to the author of the mod - Nuparu00. The mod is really amazing and adds a lot of new and really interesting things. Hit read more to see how many votes got the winnder and other 4 mods. 

All votes on the contest: 1316

Dream Mod 3 - 20%
Final Science [1.7.10] - 35%
Supermassimo's Black revolution Mod - 10%
The Jibering Future - 3%
FutureCraft - 31%

So the second place goes to the FutureCraft mod which was actually pretty close to the Final Science, but it still won ;) The winner will get the award as soon as we get the answer to the mail we sent to him. Congrationations Nuparu00 ;) If you want to see the mod contest's page, click this link.

Stay tuned as we are going to release 1.8 update of MCreator very soon as we already updated almost everything!


congrats on wining to to mods where awsome
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Very awesome! Good Work Nuparu00 and good try to everyone else.


Well, the Final Science's creator has done a very good work, we all know he were going to win. Congratulations!

Thank you all. I did not expect that i win.

@Nuparu00 Why not? ...your mod was really amazing ;)

Well done who ever made this mod!I would upload too if my mods would export

@Gameboy35 I am sorry to hear this. I hope that MCreator 1.8 will work fine for you
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final science is great mod! good luck to the mod maker. the bar for mcreator 1.8 is full! can't wait for release!!!

@kostja6590 It should be there soon :D
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@Klemen btw, what's about the bcreator ? i know they dont work on bukkit anymore bevause of legal issues but there is stuff like spigot that can use plugins made for bukkit. so it seems like the "code" (or whatever, i have no idea how this works :) ) is similar. best regards Kostja