Reviews of top 5 contest mods - MCreator's Mod Contest

Rsking Gifted, also known as xXMCXx was so kind that he made reviews of the top 5 mods of the Minecraft Of The Future Contest. If you don't have time to check the mods or you can't decide for which to vote, hit read more!

Dream Mod 3

Final Science


The Jibering Future


Future Craft

Supermassimo's Black revolution Mod


I hope these videos will help you to decide. And as I already said in previous article, stay tuned as MCreator for Minecraft 1.8 will be released soon™.


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Yay! My mod went in to the top 5!


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Klemen I need an item to spawn in the Bonus Chest with a 100% spawn rate, I have used 99,79,32,10,27 for the spawn (10=normal) but nothing spawns in the bonus chest except regular items. I have tried this on Survival and Creative modes, I am currently testing other methods but nothing yet. I just tested min-0 and max-1 and nothing I have also tried min-1 and max-1 still nothing, Can you please fix this.....


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@xXMCXx Also, If you cant get models to work for 1.8 can you release another 1.7.10 MCreator with bug fixes, or if you are planning to already then great or if you found another program that is not extremely complicated to use with 1.8 then cool. :D Thanks and sorry for making this long.


@xXMCXx I am already talking with BDcraft to integrate their Cubik inside MCreator and so far it seems like we are on a good track ;)
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@Klemen That sounds awesome! will you be getting the Pro version of Cuibik?


@Klemen hello Klemen and xXMCXx i have set up a multiplayer sever for the community still trying to add mods but if anyone wants to join they can tell me there in game name so i can add them

@xXMCXx Nice that you have spotted out this issue. I will try to resolve it as soon as possible.
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@Klemen I think there is a bug with "Print in Server Chat" I am using Update tick event and when the update tick happens no text is printed in chat. I know the tick happen because when it does the block changes to another block and at the same time the Print in server chat text is suppose to appear but does not. on another note, there is a visual error with the tick rate, in block when you set the tick rate to say 50 then re-edit the block it is set back at 10, but the code keeps the tick rate saved.


@Klemen can you explain something about the event add potion effect? How does the duration work? is it in seconds, ticks , how do you fill it in? I get an error constantly.