Top 5 mods of the contest were announced!

It's the time! Top 5 mods of the contest were announced! Now it's your turn. You have to decide which mod deserves the title of the winner. Hit read more to see which mods were chosen as the top 5 and vote for your favourite!

So here are the 5 best mods of the contest. They are listed in random order. You can click on the picture of the mod to visit the mod's page, so you can download it and decide which of them should be the winner.

Final Science [1.7.10]

This mod is really massive. It adds new machines with awesome models.Some of them are new drills, cannons, atom splittlers, futuristic armor and much more. This mod is really amazing and demonstrates the possible future of the (Minecraft) world.

Supermassimo's Black revolution Mod

This mod adds new time portal with awesome model to the game. With this portal, you can travel in future dimension filled with custom blocks, mobs and much more. This dimension also has new and cool custom textures. This mod adds quite a lot of stuff and you really should check it out.

The Jibering Future

This mod adds new future weapons such as rail guns, knockback canon, new types of picaxes, armor. It adds new Human dimension with new mobs such as Cyborg creepers, skeletons. Check it out!


This mod adds new dimension with cool structures such as airships (they are really awesome), beacon towers and much more. It also adds new mobs with futuristic design. This one is really nice futuristic mod!

Dream Mod 3

This mod adds new dimensions that look really cool. It adds a lot of new and nice blocks, new mobs, new armor and a lot of other future-oriented stuff. As all of other mods listed here, it's worth to try this huge mod!



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You are welcome to comment and predict the winner. Stay tuned as we are also getting close to the MCreator for Minecraft 1.8! Have a nice day (or night) ;)


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Gg This was an amazing contest! It was A Pleasure Competing With you all

@littledog1229 Nice to hear this :) But the contest isn't over yet... we still have to get the winner ;)

Mods didnt work. Minecraft has been crashed
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@Romanov19 they work, I played on all the mods for an hour without issues, besides the dimensions.


@xXMCXx Dimensions DO work, but you have to make new world for each world, otherwise it crashes
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@Klemen No sorry that is not what I meant. Dimensions work but blocks dont show up in them, maybe this is due to the same reason. Thank you for the heads up.


How do ya play other peoples mods?
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@Princesnarly This video will show you how to download forge and minecraft+ where to put the mods at to use --------------------------------------------------------------- if you curious on how to install mods from this website then when you go to page of the mod in the top right it says download.