MCreator's Mod Contest - Submissions Are Over

Submissions for the mod contest are now over. Our team will now choose the best 5 mods and post them on this website. Afterwards, you will be able to vote for the winner of the contest. To read more about the contest, hit read more.

Poll will be public so you and your friends will be able to choose the best mod of the contest. This mod will be published on the front page, on the Facebook, Twitter and most likely used as part of the next trailer for MCreator. Author of the mod will be awarded with the Silverfish Minecraft hosting package for 3 months. You will be able to vote once a day.

Stay tuned as we will publish the list of the top 5 mods here very soon!


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Cool, Can not wait to see what the top 5 will be!


We have almost decided for the top 5 mods so stay tuned to see who they are. Do you have any ideas which mods might appear on the list?

I think that at the list will be Supermassimo's Black revolution mod.

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im excited about the top 5! but i'm more excited about the 1.8 release. Are there any new news ? can't wait... :)

I just waiting for 1.8 upload, for the slot GUI. This application is awesome, i like mcreator

@Elovin Slot GUI won't be there with the first 1.8 update but it should be in the second. I have some problems with new 3D models and dimesnions. After I resolve them, I will release MCreator 1.8.
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@Klemen Awesome news Klemens. I wish i could contribute with something but i have NO coding skills. My (only) talent is Art and some "graphic-stuff". If there is interest i can give a few examples.