What's up update - MCreator Mod Maker

So it has been quite a while from the latest post on our website so I have decided to make some kind of heads-up post. I would like to explain what is happening behind the pages of this website and behind the lines of code of MCreator. Hit read more to see when 1.8 will be out and to see some hints about the (hit read to see it :D ).

I still visit school and we are having finals right now so I am busy with my private life and therefore I can't work on MCreator as much as I usually do. Nevertheless, I still work on it. We have moved developement of our projects on git server and now we will be able to develop multiple versions of MCreator at the same time. This will give us option to work on 1.8 while still making 1.7.10 versions of MCreator. And so we have decided to make ANOTHER ;) 1.7.10 update while we struggle to update all bits of MCreator to the Minecraft 1.8. This 1.7.10 update will introduce mob animations and some other really cool things to make mod making with MCreator even better. And this brings us to the second reason for this post... AND IT'S SECRET!

Yeah, that's true. We will very soon make another mod contest. Theme and rewards will will remain a secret but I can tell you it is going to be something related to our future (future of humanity and technology). You can already make some plans for it. We will reveal some more info about the theme, rules, rewards and more in the following week. Do you like the idea of another mod contest? Leave your feedback in the comments section. Stay tuned!


Came second in the last contest as Magnify911 with my mod, the More Foods Mod: mcreator.pylo.si/modification/2515/more-food-mod The problem is I'm having trouble with my new mod, MCEX.

@PingJayPeg Nice! I hope you will be successfull this time aswell. And I feel sorry for the problems you have with your MCEX mod. We work hard to fix as many bugs as possible and we hope that one day the bug you are expiriencing will be fixed too.
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Nice! I am looking forward to the contest!

@jurekomac Glad to hear this ;)

New to Pylo/MCreator, first of all-when we save a texture, what folder does it appear in? Didn't know where to put this comment, sorry! XD Also looking forward to the contest, can't WAIT to see some cool mods! -Crafticuno

@Crafticuno It is saved to a special location inside MCreator as you shouldn't worry about the location too much. You simply select the image with texture chooser inside mod creation menu.
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@Klemen Can adding textures directly to the "special file" cause any issues? I add them directly because having many mods=a long wait when importing textures.

Cool! I think it is funny how in one of the older contests, SirAaron and I made a mod about technology, and this one is about technology.

@Bioniclops Nice! Update it to Minecraft 1.7.10 and add some more suff to it. It might win, you never know ;)
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Im more excited to see what people can come up with especially with how much MCreator has progressed since the last Contest. Best of luck to any and all participants!