MCreator 1.5.5 for Minecraft 1.7.10 - Metro update!

MCreator 1.5.5 - The coolest update so far - metro update
As a lot of users wanted to have another 1.7.10 update, we made it. Unfortunately it doens't add slot GUIs yet, but it adds a lot of other cool things and also has a brand new look! It looks really awesome so you really should check it out!

So, firstly this update was meant to be the update which would make MCreator compatible with our new servers and would use all the advantages we've gotten with the move of our servers. But our development team has decided to do more and there it is. One of the coolest-looking MCreator updates so far.
First thing you will probably notice is the new interface which took the inspiration from the so-called Metro UI. It looks really neat. Check some pictures:
MCreator - Minecraft mod maker - First screen
First screen of MCreator - user account, workspace management, news and mod of the week
MCreator - Minecraft mod maker - Workspace view
Workspace tab with mod list, todo list and project browser
MCreator - Minecraft mod maker - Tools tab
Metro-like tools menu with new layout to make things easier
MCreator - Minecraft mod maker - Minecraft Forge Gradle Console
New console is now standalone tab and makes reading logs easier as the screen is bigger
We have also made some changes on the field of textures. Now you can import GIF animations and Minewolf20 (developer) made great pixed editing tool for textures in his spare time.
MCreator - Minecraft mod maker - Minecraft Mod Texture Animation Maker
MCreator now supports importing of animations so you can make blocks like this one:
Animation in actual Minecraft
MCreator - Minecraft mod maker - Texture Maker
New image editor for direct pixel manipulation now helps you draw your own textures when you are in a hurry
Some nasty bugs were fixed too. But I wont waste time with it, just check the changelog below ;)
What has been added:
  • Added support for the new Pylo servers
  • Changed interface to a brand new look
  • Improved Pylo servers sync
  • Added advanced image editor (by Minewolf20)
  • Added support for GIF import inside animation maker
  • Added support for animations with sizes from 16x16 to 512x512
  • Improved mod of the week display
  • Most of the windows are now displayed centered relative to the main window
  • Blocked user access to the sensitive areas of MCreator during setup to prevent troubles caused by this
  • Rebuilt MCreator in JDK 7 to natively support Java 7 (support for 5 and 6 is now dropped)
Bugs that were fixed:
  • In some cases, texture button grayed out and you were unable to add texture unless you restarted MCreator
  • If you add more than one GUI, only one of them opens even if you request to open the others in event result
  • Fixed bug with workspace switching sometimes not working
  • Fixed the file missing bug on the setup
  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Fixed website sync (login) not working in some cases
And here is the review of the update by xXMCXx, moderator of this website who took time and made this awesome video:
Stay tuned as we might post some new videos regarding update and also start to talk about 1.8. Please leave a comment on what do you think about this update and if you like the new design!


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This is really neat update! :D
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i cant download because it saying that it is harmful to my computer

@ItzMayhemYT This is because of the server... we will move downloads back to Mediafire... DOH

@Klemen Now it works :) Try again
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@Klemen ok
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Awesome! Downloading now.


@xXMCXx Thanks! And thank you for the review :)
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@Klemen Thanks, I don't think I can do a YouTube video without studding (studering) Not sure :/) though. 140 videos and i still do it. haha practice makes right or in this case I need a lot more practice! if you see this comment. what recording device do you use? I have movavi and HyperCam.


@xXMCXx HELP I exported my mod and now I want to continue adding features.How I do it without having to make it all again?

Nice update, how can I transfer my mod to it though?