Website moderators and update news

There were some problems with relationship between moderators and users on the website last days and I have decided to explain some things to calm down everyone :D. I will also reveal some info about the update status and the reason for such delay so don't hesitate to hit read more link!

The update was delayed because of two reasons: we worked on 1.8 for some weeks and then we decided to stay on 1.7.10 for now and this caused some delay. Secondly, we have accidentally wiped out the disc of one of the main Pylo servers and we had a lot of work around this. Now the problems are away and we should make some progress soon. Stay tuned about this!

The second reason for this article are some problems with relationship between moderators and users. We have strict rules about what can be posted and what not. If you post ads, talk offensively, if you are agressive or if you don't post in english language, moderator has right to remove your content. All spammers will have their accounts removed. The exact rules about criteria for the deleting of the mod are the ones cited below:

  • if the picture is not from the author (find out using google image search or by common sense), because this causes problems on my side (ownerships)
  • if the base of the picture is in white color, you can leave the mod if it is good enough (for ex. good description, more than 30 mods, ...), otherwise it should be removed as white pictures destroy the look of the website
  • if the description is filled with random words just to bypass the 100 words criteria or if the desc. is filled with multiple instances of the same text
  • if the mod file is not actually a mod file
  • if the mod file was stolen and is not the property of the author

Note that this is exacly what moderators are told to do. I hope this clears some things out and I hope that you understand that we have to have some rules in order to keep website and community pages neat and friendly. Please leave your opinion in the comment section. Stay tuned for the MCreator updates!


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I.... Am a fan of such rules. :)


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@xXMCXx Glad to here about the update to.


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Okay. Thank you Klemen for telling Everyone this. I just did not want to see Users going Mad. Like the Last Few. I got involved in 2 peoples complains and I know it is not your fault you have your ways.

@Topic: I like the Rules and that you Finally write them down so hopefully everybody will read them. But I am still thinking that a capture would be nice. @offtopic: a update of the Changelog, bug /todo list would be nice ^^

No longer using MCreator

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Im gonna go wait patiently in that emerald and gold biome, until Slot GUI's get here. ;)


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Are we gonna get any new website updates (for users), like status or anything soon? or an update to user profiles one i think would be nice if the mods that user made would appear on their page. and for status, like do Seedling=100 posts>planter=300 posts>Mod Maker Extraordinaire=get 100 ratings>Mod maker=upload 20mods. Just some ideas.


@xXMCXx I think that is a good idea
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@Pokemaniac3000 Thanks, truth be told im sighned up on like 100 different forums that do this type of thing but mcreator (may sound cheesy) but is like a family member Ive literly been to this website like few times a day for last 1-2 years. (had a different account back then) and this is the only website im active on to and enjoy coming to.


:) alrighty then.