Minecraft 1.8 update. When, how, ...?

Everyone is probably waiting for MCreator for Minecraft 1.8 to come out. We are excited too, but there are some problems. After we tried to update MCreator to the Minecraft 1.8, it showed out that Forge is not even complete yet and this probably explains why there is no stable release yet. Hit read more to help us decide what to do next.

MCreator can't use it yet so there are two options:

  • wait untill 1.8 stable edition of forge comes out and then release MCreator for 1.8, but for now release beta which will only support a few mod types (recipes, fuels, ...) OR
  • work on 1.7.10 and release another update for this Minecraft and start updating after stable 1.8 forge is released.

So please leave a comment and help us decide. Thank you and stay tuned!


A bug fix update for 1.7.10 will be cool since you wait for a stable forge version for Minecraft 1.8
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@ZasETLB10 Issue with the update, Lots of mod types that are perfectly fine broke on me, Or its just my techne model broke it [and fucntions]

Funzrey [Originnaly had Jax200 and Jax200x until i lost both of em' This time I will remeber this account]

I am a young programmer and artist, I love minecraft and other games, Thats pretty much it

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Do the bug fixes for 1.7.10

I think adding the slot GUIs would be a great last update for 1.7 and then you could update to 1.8 when forge is ready. I don't think many people would us the 1.8 version if it didn't have much in.

I think you should fix the following bug that causes all of your mods to disappear when you switch work spaces when offline, Due to gradle task not working. I have already lost progress on a mod due to this, further more it's a great program and I do hope that upgrading MCreator to 1.8.1, because when that happens I believe I will see more mods for 1.8.1.
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@Killer of NPCs My random stuff mod couldn't be updated any more due to this glitch.. Makes me mad


ahghh auto correct messed up my sentences

It seems like we are going to have another 1.7.10 MCreator? But we will wait some more ;)

Another thing that would be cool is if you add a program that lets you make textures for items and blocks, I know that there's that one program in the resource section but I feel that that program really does not let you customize textures. If there is a program like this in MCreator that I am not aware of can you please notify me about it?

I would like to see GUI slots in 1.7.10