Dark Roleplay (No longer using MCreator)

Minecraft version: 




Dark Roleplay(No longer using MCreator)

Currently Unavaible


(Last version made using MCreator)

Visit our Website and Download the Mod

Currently not Avaible


List of Contetnt:


• Pear 

• Pumpkin Stew

• Pumpkin Bread

• Vegie Stew



• Chopping Block

• Apple and Pear Blocks

• Buckets (Different kinds)

• Barrels (Different kinds)

• Mushrooms (Block editions)

• Firepits (2 Different)

• Grindstone

• Chain

• Rope

• Crate (Currently no Inventory)

• Dungeon Chest (Currently no Inventory)

• Book (Block edtion)

• Cauldron

• Hook (Used for the Cauldron)

• Cauldron on a Firepit

• Hanging Bridge

• Training Dummy



• Flour

• Dough (Normal and for Pumpkin Bread)


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hello , you can add different type of door wood minecraft 1.7, a new ore, new weapons, Half-block full of tiles.

Good use for new custom block model (Voxel) I love this apple xD
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There are no real mods

@flash10cz Noshit, "(The Download is only a Placeholder it contains a .txt)"

@flash10cz The mod is stil in development and will be released first with the 1.0 Version(it is at 0.2). -.-

No longer using MCreator

This looks cool. You've got some fairly good Techne models, so I'll keep an eye on it. I still not quite sure the mod's theme yet, though.

That look great :D

I like the William Tell in Minecraft Image.

Those "Custom Models" are stolen from Ichuns hat mod -_-

@UC101 1.I know this mod but not its models all i know is the axe in the Wood but is it a block in the mod? no its only a hat 2.I have made all models self and i can show you the techne files 3.I havent stolen any models for my mod from other mods.

No longer using MCreator