Bamboo Plus

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Find Bamboo all around your map, destroy it and regrow it. It can reach up to 10 blocks high!

(Want to see how I made this mod? Go to to check it out!)

Destroy bamboo for bamboo bundle!

Craft simple powerful weapons

Armor that gives you perks? We have that too!

Helmet =          <o> Night Vision

Chest plate =    / Strength           

Leggings =        # Speed

Boots =             & Jump III

Woven Black String


Lay Traps against your most hated mobs...

Now with better blocks!

Creative block: Control Panel (right click for messed up GUI)



  • Make more bamboo related blocks
  • Add more weapons
  • Add slabs and stairs
  • Add ninja armor
  • Decorative blocks


  • Spike textures are messy (when you place them it goes away)


How you support the making of this mod and future mods?


Nice mod. Simple and clean! I love the design of your page! It has style :D
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@Klemen Thank you Klemen! I'm a minimalist so it actually comes natural. Do you remember me? You (or one of the Pylo team) showcased one of my videos before one here :D

@Killer Unicorns Of course I do :D Yes, I was the one who showcased your video.
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@Klemen Oh well thank you! I'm actually making a video right now on how to change the (X) texture block back into a regular block (a bug easily user fixable)

@Killer Unicorns Nice... send me mail and I might post in on the next community creations video :D

Hey KillerUnicorns! I made a really simple and really effective mob trap using this bamboo plus mod! Here's some screenshots: , As I said, this mob trap is really simple, but not cheap. To make it, you'll need a bunch of hoppers, and bamboo spikes, and a spawner, or a place, where mobs will spawn. You have to put bamboo spikes around the spawner(first screenshot) and then miss aout a layer below the spikes, and last, you'll need to put hoppers, connecting to each other. And, you have to put a chest where ever you want(You have to connect the chest to a hopper) And that's it.
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@CHgeri100 Oh neat! Did you ever try to farm the bamboo with pistons? that won't be cheap either but I'm sure it can be done!

If killer unicorns made it, it's a instant hit

RadDevVan is the Developer of

Slendercraft 2

And many more to come...

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Hey Killer Unicorns for some reason when i try to add custom AI to my mobs it fails, Can you help me?
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@Animalsumoner Make sure you enable it! with the check button