More Realistic Mod

Minecraft version: 

The official release of this mod is finally here!


Changelog (from 2.0, remade for 1.7.10):


Added Uranium and Uranium ore.

Added Potion of Radioactivity (simply craft a water bottle with uranium)

Added plutonium, a fuel made by smelting uranium in a furnace


Added Fish mobs

Added bullets (used in crafting gun ammo)

Added AK-47 and ammo

Added Copper Ore and Copper

Added a download


Added Silver Ore, Tools, and armor

Added Snake Meat (cookable)

Added Snakes


New ores:

Adds uranium


Can be smelted into plutonium, a powerful furnace fuel, or used to craft potions of radioactivity.

There are also many other planned uses, and it is a very rare ore.

Adds Silver

Makes tools and armor


New Mobs

Fish mobs- drop fish, cooked fish is rare, spawn in ocean biomes

Snakes - drop snake meat, are aggressive, and will avoid cats. they spawn naturally in swamps

Planned Features:

Ores: Tin, Aluminum, Platinum, Ruby

Bronze and Steel Alloys and tools

Guns: M16, and several others

More Mobs


not working

@JzCraftFCR What seems to not work?

Ill also post a zip should the jar not work.

Ill also post a zip should the jar not work.

Please comment and leave feedback!
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Awesome mod! I've only got one issue, though. The crafting recipe for the AK-47 is... well, I just don't think it should work like that. Instead of a sword at the end, I think it should be a flint and steel, you know, to ignite the bullet? Also, I think since you added steel ingots, you might as well use those instead of iron, and replace the chest with a steel ingot as well, or you could make a magazine with steel ingots and use that. Other than that minor problem, this is overall a really cool mod!

@SPAZ97 Hmm, good idea. I'll add the new recipe in the next update.

LOL I dont comment in dis mod.The comment "Not working"Is for ather mod.
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Also, if you want me to, I could work on making a quiver inventory gui. I'm pretty sure I could make it so only arrows could be put in it, so it would remain a quiver, not a backpack(but if I get the quiver gui done, I could easily remove the filter and you could make a backpack too).

@SPAZ97 I can do the quiver GUI, but it might take a bit of time, so if you can make it quick, go for it.