A Little Bit Of Everything

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Welcome To, "A Little Bit Of Everything!" In this mod, there is a little bit of everything. (Note): More will be added! ;D


There are 2 types of Fuel, the Ash Fuel, which is harvested from the Green Ash/ White Ash Tree. This fuel cooks 16 items per 1 piece of that fuel. And the Oil Fuel, which is made by smelting CrudeOil Ore. This fuel cooks 21 items per 1 piece.

There are 15 types of Food, the Yellow Delicious Apple, Apricot, AgaricusMushroom+2 varients, AgrocybeMushroom, AmanitaMushroom, BoletesMushroom+2 varients, ChanterellesMushrooms+1 varient, Cooked Bue Boletes, Cooked Red Boletes, and Cooked Yellow Agaricus.

There are 10 types of Mushrooms, the Agaricus+2 varients, Agrocybe, Amanita, Boletes+2 varients, and Chanterelles+1 varient

There are 13 types of Bushes, the Glossy Abelia, Dwarf Russian Almond, Golden Globe Arborvitae, Woodward Globe Arborvitae, Aconite, Ageratum, Anemone, Angelica, Angelonia, Artemisia, Aster, Astilbe, and Peppercorn Plant

There are 16 types of Trees, (Note): All Tree types have Plank versions and biomes. (Here we go!) Hall's Hardy Almond, Early Harvest Apple, Lodi Apple, Red Delicious Apple, Red Jonathan Apple, Stayman Winesap Apple, Yellow Delicious Apple, Early Golden - Apricot, Moorpark Apricot, American Arborvitae, Emerald Arborvitae, Green Giant Arborvitae, American Nigra Arborvitae, Green Ash, White Ash, Quacking Aspen! (Finally done!)

There are 11 types of Grass, the Bentgrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Rough Bluegrass, Red Fescue, Annual Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, Thermal Blue, Bahia, BuffalsoGrass, and CarpetGrass

There are 2 types of Structures, the LogCabin, and LogPile

There are 58 types of Items, the Steel Ingot, Steel Rod, Ripped Grass, Copper Ingot, Pig Iron Ingot, Combined Alloy, Combined Alloy Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Omaneo Shard, Mithirilia Ingot, Omaneo Ingot, Graphinite Powder, Graphinite Ingot, Tsarlama Powder, Tsarlama Ingot, Epic Alloy, Epic Ingot, Powerium Ingot, Awesome Ingot, Rareium Powder, Rareium Ingot, Legendary Ingot, Hide, Hide Piece, Reinforced Hide, Graphinite Hide, White Petal, White Dust, Red Petal, Red Dust, Pink Dust, Blue Petal, Blue Dust, Magenta Dust, Green Petal, Green Powder, Cyan Dust, Combined Dust, Dough, Salt Powder, Pepper Powder, Peppered Bread, Salted Bread, Red Ingot, Green Ingot, Tin Ingot, Tin Circuit, Copper Circuit, Diamond Circuit, Mother Board, Springer 2600, Speeder 2600, Protector 2600, Breather 2600, Wooden Chisel, and Stone Chisel

There are 19 types of Weapons/Tools, the Steel Sword, Copper Sword, Bronze Pickaxe, Bronze Sword, Epic Pickaxe, Epic Sword, Epic Shovel, Epic Axe, Epic Hoe, Epic Pashel, Awesome BattleAxe, Legendary Pickaxe, Legendary Sword, Legendary Shovel, Legendary Axe, Legendary Hoe, Legendary Paxe, Legendary Pashel, and Legendary Pasword

There are 9 types of Armor, the Steel Armor, Wooden Armor, Epic Armor, Awesome Armor, Legendary Armor, HidePiece Armor, Graphinite Hide Armor, Traveler's Shoes, and Bionic Armor

There are 45 types of Blocks, the Steel Block, Copper Ore, Copper Block, CrudeOil Ore, Pig Iron Ore, Pig Iron Block, Bronze Block, Mithirilia Ore, Omaneo Ore, Graphinite Ore, Tsarlama Ore, Powerium Ore, Rareium Ore, Powerium Block, Awesome Block, Legendary Block, Graphinite Hide Block, Black Planks, Red Planks, Green Planks, Brown Planks, Blue Planks, Purple Planks, Cyan Planks, Dull Planks, Gray Planks, Pink Planks, Lime Planks, Yellow Planks, Sky Planks, Magenta Planks, Orange Planks, White Planks, Salt Ore, Magical Red Spawn, Magical Green Spawn, Red Block, Green Block, Nether Tin Ore, Nether Copper Ore, Raw Basalt, Basalt Brick, Sandstone Brick, Raw Marble, and Marble Brick

There are 27 types of Achievments, "Can I Steal That?", "Don't Steel Me!", "Cooper Who?", "The Irony!", "Got Brawn?", "Amen-Eo?", "What About The Pencils?!?", "All Hail King Lama!', "Feel The Power!", "Feel The Pow-Der?", "OK, Not Poisoness!", "Well This Is Poisoness!", "We Need To Hide!', Finnaly! It's Done!", "Think About The Cows!", "All Of This For Dust...", "Spi-Salty", "Possibly The Worst Powder Ever!', "Ugh!", "Bouncy!", "Is There A Father Board?", "Protection Against What?", "Gota Go Fast!", "Who Needs Air?", "Ba + Salt!", "The One Thing Notch Diden't Want!", "Marbles! Wait, Nevermind..."

There are 3 types of Mobs, the Forest Roamer, Male Hide Cow, and Female Hide Cow

There are 56 types of Custom Modeled Blocks, the HHAFence+3, EHAFence+3, LAFence+3, RDAFence+3, RJAFence+3, SWAFence+3, YDAFence+3, EGAFence+3, MAFence+3, AAFence+3, EAFence+3, GGAFence+3, ANAFence+3, GAFence+3, WAFence+3, QAFence+3, Wooden Table, Wooden Flat Chair, Assorted Tabletop Items, Wooden Crate, Wooden Pallet, Stone Pathway, Dirt Slab, and Grass Slab

There are 4 types of Creative Tabs, A Little Bit Of Blocks, A Little Bit Of Items, A Little Bit Of Weapons/Tools, and A Little Bit Of Armor

This mod is updated daily/multidaily.


-Cant find any custom biomes for each tree? Keep looking, they are out there,

-Some tree logs/leaves drop special items, (Yellow Apple, Apricot, Fuel, or just Sticks).

-Think what I should add is better than what im already planning on adding? (More Food, A LOT more Trees, more bushes, Flowers, Mushrooms, and Types Of Grass), then leave suggestions down in the comments! ;D

-Some mushrooms are poisionous! Be careful!

-All Grass types drop Ripped Grass.

-Structures will spawn in specific biomes, the LogCabin for forests, and the LogPile for plains.

-Steel is made by smelting Iron Ingots.

-All armors have postion effects for some of their equipment.

-You can cook 3 mushrooms, but cooking them doesnt mean they are good for you! 

-You need Brown Planks to craft the Table, and Flat Chair

-Every color of dye creates the new Colored Planks

-You will only have 1 use for the Chisels! sorry! ;C

-The Bionic Armor Texture when worn will show up as a blank Grey-ish color!

Update History:

Version 1.0 Had: 38 Downloads

Version 1.1 Had: 78 Downloads

Version 1.2 Had: 84 Downloads


Anyways, make sure to check this mod out! ;D

This Video Showcases My Mod (Outdated By 1 Version)


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Nice mod, it will be cooler if the leaves are transparent. For making this, you need to click the box "has transparency" then press CUTOUT

A wild mod creator appeared!

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@RaolTheBest Ok! illd o that for all the leaves. ;D


Can someone tell me how to make armor work? When I make it, the item appears as a black purple block! Please help. :d
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Update mcreator! A patch for 1.7.5 is released! Just export your workspace, uninstall MCreator, reinstall it again and import the workspace!

A wild mod creator appeared!

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@RaolTheBest Thanks man! ;D
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This looks pretty rad. Could you add pics of the different biomes?

@SheapCreaper Sure! I'll go do that!
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@TitanicDaniel8 Awesome! Can't wait!

Cool mod! Seems like very light textures. You might want to darken and/or shade them. Otherwise cool mod, as I said.