New content

Minecraft version: 

The mod adds more than 255 elements of modification (new items are per vim)

-17 armor sets
-17 mobs
-16 minerals
-35 new blocks
-4 biomes
-15 mobs
-15 Minerals
-37 new blocks
- and many new tools.

(The mod is 65% complete) await more updates.


Mods I recommend playing with New Content: NotEnoughItems (or just enough items) and Waila.


Unfortunately, there was a problem with the mod, an error happened in the mcreador that my mod bugged everything, so I'm going to redo a mod and I'll use it to fix some errors that prevent the mod when I have news about my new mod I warn you. Thank you for listening. :/


Update 1.4.3:

-1 new armor

-2 items

-5 blocks

-14 tools (including 4 swords)


Update 1.4:

-11 tools (including 3 swords)

-3 mobs

-4 blocks

-1 dimension

-3 items


Update 1.3.2:
-2 plants
-3 items
-9 tools (including 5 swords)
-6 new blocks (3 minerals)
-1 new dimension


Update 1.3: -7 new blocks -12 new tools (including 6 swords) -1 new food
-2 armor -2 mobs and 10 items


Update 1.2: 11 new tools (including 3 swords) -2 new armor -3 new food -4 new blocks (2 new ores) -1 new biome -1 new dimension


If you want something for the mod or found some error, just send it to me :)



Amazing mod!

@SupInvisible Thank you, next update will be updated

Thanks a lot to everyone who downloaded my mod, do not forget to send me suggestions :)
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This mod is so huge!

A wild mod creator appeared!

My YouTube Channel:

@RaolTheBest Thanks :)
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This is a great mod.

I am a mod maker!!! My mods are different, original and unique. I try my best to create great mods and videos.

Wow this is amazinG!
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Eeee...WHAAAAT? The textures are amazing...(NO)All the thing has logic...(NO) I love this mod! (NO)
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Is it ok if i do a letsplay of this mod for my YT channel?