Vertical Slabs Mod

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Welcome to the Vertical Slabs Minecraft mod for 1.11.2

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Note: I am currently working with Eonaut to deliver a couple of amazing things! 



To craft vertical slabs do as follows:  [X=Nothing, B=Block]

X     B     X

X     B     X

X     B     X

This will produce six vertical slabs!


The Vertical Slabs mod (as the name suggests) adds in all upright slabs to accomodate your normal vanilla ones. This Mod adds ina total of 15 new blocks including:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

- Stone Vertical Slab

- Sandstone Vertical Slab

- Cobblestone Vertical Slab

- Brick Vertical Slab

- Stone Brick Vertical Slab

- Nether Brick Vertical Slab

- Quartz Vertical Slab

- Oak/Wooden Vertical Slab

- Spruce Vertical Slab

- Birch Vertical Slab

- Jungle Vertical Slab

- Acacia Vertical Slab

- Dark Oak Vertical Slab

- Red Sandstone Vertical Slab

- Purpur Vertical Slab




Added Vanilla Vertical Slabs


Also the hitbox of the slabs works too!

A preview of Vertical Slabs/Slices


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Cool mod

A wild mod creator appeared!

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@RaolTheBest Thanks
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This is amazing.

I am a mod maker!!! My mods are different, original and unique. I try my best to create great mods and videos.

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@Rainbow Gamer That comment is amazing!
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Can you please do it for Quark blocks?

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Cool! can you add slabs of other blocks? (For example the obsidian slab and the vercial too)

Very cool mod! I've been waiting for this for a long time.