Minecraft version: 

This mod is an extension to minecraft. Most things from this mod are post-ender dragon fight items, meaning that they will mostly be better than diamond.


Metals And Tool Sets:

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  • Silver Ore, armor and set (Sword, pickaxe, ingot, axe, shovel and hoe)
  • Titanium Ore, armor and set (Hammer, Sword, pickaxe, ingot, axe, shovel and hoe)
  • Aluminium Ore, armor and set (Sword, pickaxe, ingot, axe, shovel and hoe)
  • Copper Ore, armor and set (Sword, pickaxe, ingot, axe, shovel and hoe)
  • Tin Ore, armor and set (Sword, pickaxe, ingot, axe, shovel and hoe)
  • Alpha Bar and sword
  • Ultra Bar and sword
  • Crushed metals (smelted into Ultra Bar)
  • LavaWood set (Sword, pickaxe, axe, shovel and hoe)


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  • Alpha Skeleton (Drops: Loot gem and alpha skeleton sword)
  • Alpha Creeper (Drops: Loot gem and Creeper Gun)
  • Alpha Enderman (Drops: Loot Gem)
  • Alpha Spider (Drops: Loot Gem)
  • Alpha Zombie  (Drops: Loot Gem and Alpha zombie sword)
  • Alpha Zombie Pigman (Drops: Loot Gem and alpha pigman sword)
  • Withered soul boss (Drops: Loot Gems)
  • Alpha Withered soul boss  (Drops: Alpha Bar and alpha essence) 


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  • Wooden Coin
  • Wooden Coin Cast
  • Cast
  • Full Cast
  • Syringe
  • Full Syringe
  • Blood Coin
  • LavaWood stick
  • Cooked Cast
  • Crystal Beef
  • Crystal Leather 


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  • Runes
  • Devil's Summoner (summons Alpha Withered soul with Blood Coin)
  • Crystal Grass
  • Crystal Dirt
  • Crystal Stone
  • Enhanced End stone
  • Enhanced Netherrack
  • Crystal Obsidian 


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  • Alpha Nether- Portal frame: Obsidian, Portal igniter: Titanium and steel
  • Alpha End- No way to get there...
  • Crystal Dimension- Portal frame: Crystal Obsidian, Portal igniter: Crystal Shard 


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  • Crystal Biome
  • Hell Biome 


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  • Crystal Leather Armor
  • Silver Armor
  • Titanium Armor
  • Aluminium Armor
  • Copper Armor 
  • Tin Armor
  • Alpha Armor (Only obtainable by killing alphas)
  • Boss Armor (Only obtainable via killing Bosses) 

Thanks For downloading and checking out the mod :)

(P.s Thanks for mod of the week!)


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A wild mod creator appeared!

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Congrats on MOTW!
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Hey if you would like I'd be happy to make a mod showcase on this mod!
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this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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neat mod~
I'm a cuddly cactus, I promise!
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Yo everytime I spawn the alpha nether my game crashes!

@Gaansey Yeah I'm not sure why that happens, i'll look into it tho (when you log back in, it should stop crashing)
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Nice mod! The crystal biome is really cool looking, though how did you get the trees to spawn, since they aren't on dirt?

"Your doin great sweaty"

@The_Kipster You have to set your ground block (in the crystal biomes it's the grass) to dirt or grass in the material bit when creating a new block.

@The_Kipster Although i've found using schematics works just as well