Hodge-Podge Mod II

Minecraft version: 

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NOTE: This mod still has some bugs, most noteably:

1.7.10 Version:

Portals will spawn Zombie Pigmen at an astounding rate. They WILL overrun the area in a matter of seconds. I would advise trapping your portals with a pitfall.

If you die in a dimension and try to go back after you respawn, the game will crash and the save will get corrupted. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS

1.11.2 Version

Armor item textures have missing textures. I don't think I can do anything about it. Rendered armor works fine though.

Staffs now spawn boss mobs 3 blocks away in the positive X and Z directions since the when right clicked oin block event does not work.


This mod is essentially the same as my original Hodge-Podge mod, but the sheer amount of revamp I did to it makes it worthy of its own page now (Kind of like RaolCraft)

In total, there are now over 250 elements, including 121 new blocks, 4 new fluids, 4 new types of armor, 8 dimensions, 80 items, and 48 new mobs.

While the primary goal of this mod is to introduce a myriad of blocks from pocket edition, newer versions of minecraft (that frankly, should have been in the game updates ago), and mostly my imagination, the structure of the mod has been redesigned to add more of an adventurous aspect. With 3 new bosses and another dimesion since the last version, as well as many new mobs, a progression system has been implemented. Now, in order to reach the other dimensions, staffs must be built using resources from the other dimensions you've gone to. These staffs will summon the next boss, but only when used in a certain dimension. Killing the boss rewards you with items, XP, and the igniter to the next dimension.

The bosses are fought in this order: Smoldering Knight>>Tainted Knight>>Sentry of the Great Tree>>Greatwood Borer>>Ender

In addition to the new bosses and mobs, there are now three full sets of armor, plus the darkworld helmet, which when worn, grants permanant night vision and water breathing. Tools (not hoes) can now be made with redstone crystals, and a new reddish-purple material called tyrianite.

The newest blocks, mobs and items:

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-Volucite blocks

-Lightning rod-  creates lightning when redstone is applied

-Condensed Magma

-Nether Brick Flowerpots

-Volucite Core-If the block above it is redstone crystal, it creates a redstone block below it

-Jabberwock Egg, crafted with dragon egg, looking glass, tumtum and tulgey planks, eat me, drink me, and a vorpal sword. Redstone signal summons Jabberwock if done in Wonderland

-Blocks of cookie, bread, and cocoa beans,

-Cake block- can be crafted for edible vanilla cake block.

-Milk- when scooped with a bucket, it gives vanilla milk. The fluid itself cannot be crafted, picked up, or placed. Found in the Foodworld

-Moldy bread, cotton candy (pink and blue), paper rods, and hardcake.



-Crystal Bones- can be converted into diamond, emerald, or crystal, each by a different means.

-Crystal skulls (diamond, emerald, amethyst) 

-Merged Crystal Skull-summons crystal king, made with 3 crystal skulls, 3 crystal, and a volucite block

-Dark Scepter- launches Dark Essence as a weapon

-Dark Essence- droppeed and shot by Dark Elves


-Crystal Skeleton-Skeletons made of hard crystal spawned from the crystal king. Wield 2 diamond swords and cannot swim.

-Crystal King- new boss, attacks by shooting crystal chunks. Spawns Crystal Skeletons when it is damaged, walks off blocks, and falls. Fought in the Darkworld, and is summoned through a merged crystal skull.

-Jabberwock- new boss, summoned by redstone-powering a Jabberwock egg in Wonderland. Drops dragon egg upon death. Chance of striking lighting when it attacks.


New dimension, the Foodworld- A world made entirely of edible blocks. Milk lakes, chocolate mountain, cotton, candy forests, and plains of bread, as well as heaps of mincemeat with bones sticking out of them are some of the biomes found here. No mobs spawn here except in the meatheap biome, which is filled with grubs and flygrubs. The portal frame is made with blocks of cookies, and is lit with a grand artifact

Changes since Hodge-Podge II last version:

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-Reality Severs can be crafted with a looking-glass to turn them into powerful swords, which have a chance of ripping open a portal to the nether when right clicked in the air

-Fixed a bug with Ender Reactor Cores in which the block would not dissappear, and 2 of ender would be spawned

-Degraded Powder, Corrupted Focus, Ancient Tablet, and Fang can be crafted together with a mysterious artifact to create a Grand Artifact, or individualliy reflected with a looking-glass to obtain startdust.

-Dragon eggs can be crafted with a DNA replicator, an egg, an end crystal, 2 end portal frames, and 4 stardust.

-Blood Lilies are sometimes dropped from Murkwood Leaves.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Most of the crafting recipes. Armor and tools are not shown, but everything else is 

Planned Features (assuming I can actually get them to work correctly):

NOTE: If you know how to do these or would like to help make them, write a comment! I will gladly accept help, since I have never been able to get these to work right.

-Generated Structures to the world, including: Crystal Clusters,  glowing obsidian spikes, wanderer houses, and temples

-Get the nether reactor core to work like it did in pocket edition

-Block rotation for pillars, logs, and fancy floors

-Make the Foodworld biomes have "trees", but not have to have dirt as the underground block.

-Possibly mobs for the Foodworld.

-Possible expansion of The Cold

More information can be read in the progression walkthrough, which is found in the zip folder download.

Most recipes are  (in my mind) pretty easy to figure out. I would still suggest using Just Enough Items though.

A showcase done by Gaansey


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Much more cool Hodge Podge 1

A wild mod creator appeared!

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@RaolTheBest more cool Than Hodge Podge 1. I don't know why my SwiftKey keyboard deleted it

A wild mod creator appeared!

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This mod is so imaginable. SOOOOO CCOOOLLL

I am a mod maker!!! My mods are different, original and unique. I try my best to create great mods and videos.

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Well this is a surprise. Mod of the week, and I didn't even enter into the drawings... nor was I planning to until I updated it to 1.10.2
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I love the mod :D Congrats for mod of the week!
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@TortousGER Thank-you! I appreciate the comment.
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Logic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hodge podge 1 in minecraft 1.8.9! Hodge podge 2 in minecraft 1.7.10!
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@OLegMod 3 things: 1- Mcreator update 1.7.2 was for 1.7.10 2- Hodge-podge Iis in 1.8.9 AND 1.7.10 3- If I can ever get it to work, Hodge-podge II will also be in 1.10.2
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Awesome a new update. Hopefully this will be in the pack

I am a mod maker!!! My mods are different, original and unique. I try my best to create great mods and videos.

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Please appreciate my mod: https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/35250/zombiem-alpha-1