Diamond Biome By FuNnYDoGeM

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Hello Guys Im Back With Another Mod.

This Mod Brings A Few New Blocks, And One New Mob , Biome Has 10% Chance Of Spawning In Your World. Hmmm? So Thats Why Its Called Rare Biome...!







All Of These Can Give You Diamonds. Single Diamond Log On Crafting Gives You 8 Diamonds,Diamond Leaf When Broken U Will Get 2,3, Or 4 Diamonds,Diamond Grass When Broken You Will Get Diamond Dirt,Single Diamond Dirt Will Give You 1 Diamond.



Diamond Creeper Is Spawned In These Kinda Biomes.

When Killed You Will Get Either 1 or 2 Diamonds


Thats All Of This Mod

When Downloaded You Will Get All Crafting Recipes And The Mod By Itself

Thanks U For Reading,Now Download The Mod And Have Fun


All Credits Go To Pylo


Rainbow Gamer's picture

I like that the biome is with different blocks like a tree and you get diamonds

I am a mod maker!!! My mods are different, original and unique. I try my best to create great mods and videos.

FuNnYDoGeM's picture

@Rainbow Gamer Thank You :) Btw cuz i dont have that much ideas Wanna make a mod for u? What u want? What kinda mod?
Rainbow Gamer's picture

@FuNnYDoGeM a.cool mod that adds in some pretty meet stuff. Let your imagination run wild and crazy, but not to crazy. Then when it's done I can showcase it (or at least try to)

I am a mod maker!!! My mods are different, original and unique. I try my best to create great mods and videos.

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Nice mod your Diamond Biome is so much better then my one. My mod keeps disappearing do you have any ideas why and i can't put it up on the form.
SriFu's picture

Well if you whant i could use some help with some teztures on my mod.
FuNnYDoGeM's picture

@SriFu Ofcourse What Kinda Textures U Need?
FuNnYDoGeM's picture

@SriFu Name The Texture,Tell Me The Colors What Kinda U Want,And Ill Give You The Link To Download Them.
SriFu's picture

Nice how about a Better hazard Sword texture. the sword with yellow and black lines going through it. I Would appreciate that. Maybe even a Hazard picaxe texture.
FuNnYDoGeM's picture

@SriFu There I Did It And Please Read The Text File In The Archive http://www.mediafire.com/file/xmjxq1kgxa3h6ro/Hazard_Textures-Tools_And_Armor.rar
SriFu's picture

thank you