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WARNING: THIS MOD IS REMAKED FOR 1.9.4! HERE IS THE UPDATED MOD LINK! https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/29951/big-mod-raolcraft-2-enit-com...


Welcome to RaolCraft Mod! This is my first mod! This mod adds tools, mobs, items, dimensions, blocks and more! (sorry for my bad English I'm Italian).

1.0 - 28 mod elements

Added beta colored woods (with no crafting recipe);

Added Spirit, a purple Zombie that lives in Nether;

Added EvilFlower, a plant used to crafting Dark Key;

Added beta Bear (there is a texture bug);

Added Corn;

Added DarkWorld (new dark dimension: to open his netherrack portal you need a Dark Key);

Added Dark Ground;

Added Super Diamond Sword (crafted with Diamond Blocks);

Added Electronic Saw;

Added a cooking recipe for Zombie Meat;

Added a Creative Clear-Inventory Button (press 0);

Added a text sayed when a Player sleeps...

Sorry for bugs and bad translations, but it's my first mod.

1.1, The Mining Update - 35 mod elements

Added Lead Ore;

Added Lead Ingot;

Added Lead Armor;

Added Drill;

Added Stone Slime;

Added Fake Stone, a stone that summons a Stone Slime when destroyed;

Added Lightning Wand;

Changed some recipes;

Changed Spirit Texture;

Now Spirits are Passive;

Fixed Bear Bug;

and more... Thanks for reading all!


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I've maked awesome stuff for 1.2 (Cool Update, with coins, quatrefoils, defense-blocks and more!), but I must remake all for a MCreator's bug... Now I'm making this mod for 1.9.4...
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I've remaked this mod for MC 1.9.4: download The Big Mod (RaolCraft 2)
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The dear old times...
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@RaolTheBest Haahaha!