MixelCraft Mod - Snapshot 130B9 (Disconintued)

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MixelCraft Mod is A Mod That Adds Mixels to Minecraft.

If you Don't Know What is Mixels... Its A Cartoon Created By The LEGO Co. And Cartoon Network that Can Be Found In Cartoon Network And Other Local Cartoon Channels.

This Mod is Not Fully Finished And Still Developed yet as it says its just a Snapshot Sample

What Features Will it Add if you Install this mod?

It includes over 300 Mod Features some of them including :

  • It Includes Over 45 Mixels And Other Mobs Added to the Mod. like Flain, Vulk, Zorch And Much More.
  • Mixel Armors, Ingots And Tools
  • Mixel Foods Like : Coconapple, Bar-B-Cubs. Etc.
  • Mixel Moon Dimension. (Not Fully Finished)
  • Structures including : Electric Trees

Updates :

  • 130B9 - Fixed some bugs from the Mixels Including its behavior And Spawning rate.
  • 130B9 - Added new Mixels Including Torts, Hoogi, the 2014 Glorp Corp MAX, Etc.
  • 130B9 - New Creative Tab has been added (Under development)
  • 130B9 - New Mixes has been Added (Artwork by the Mixels Fan. It's just converted by the Mod Developer)


Note: This Mod is One of the Heavy Mods that Uses A Lot of CPU, GPU And RAM Usages So i Recommend Click this Link if you Have a Low-End PC or a Laptop : http://mixelcraft.wikia.com/wiki/System_Requirements

if you need some help or questions about all the Features about this mod. be sure to check the MixelCraft Wiki that i just made few months ago : http://mixelcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Board:Questions_and_Answers


Since this Mod is still under developing. the full realease of the Mod will be Coming in the next Few months since i made high-quality models and textures.

if you need a 1.8 or 1.9 Compatible Mod then you will have to wait for the next few days or few weeks because im still adding it into the different versions of MCreator that supports different versions of minecraft.

NOTE : The Recommended Snapshot Version is Still the Aniversarry Snapshot (The 130B8). Because Theres some Players Complaining About thier Game is Always crashed Caused by the Newer Snapshot of the Mod.

Join to the Communites if you wanted to :

MixelCraft Wiki: http://mixelcraft.wikia.com/wiki/MixelCraft_Wikia

Mixels Wiki : http://mixels.wikia.com/wiki/Mixels_Wiki

MixelCraft Community (Facebook Group) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1668921846711912/


Mod Credits :

Elastico345 - Mob Modeler, Texture Creator And Mod Configurator +  MixelCraft Wiki Founder

LegoAddict23 - Mod Tester, Model Manager (Mixel's Mixes) And rarely helping the Mod Dev. + MixelCraft Wiki Co-Founder (Bureaucrat)

WitheredJawg15 - Mod Tester, Structure Developer And giving ideas to the Mod Dev. + MixelCraft Wiki Admin

PlanetPrototype (Retired) - Structure Developer

All Mixels Fans from Mixels Wiki - Giving all the ideas And thier Arkwork for the Addon of the Mod.

Some Models Have Been Recorded By the Mod Developer itself.


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Take Note that theres a Dimension added to this mod : Mixel Moon : 10-14 Block of Quartz and create a nether portal liked-frame and ignite it with a "Mixel Moon Igniter". Note : Mixel Moon Dimension is Not Completely Finished And Has Some Bugs in it.

I like your modeling it really good and the fact you videoed and timelapsed your modeling and texturing you get extra credit for just doing that i was thinking that you need a better theme to mod for cause Mixels is kinda weird and I honestly only know whats in your description and what my friend told me about it
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Wow that's a lot of models. :P They look great, just a bit out of life/character.

Dude you didn't have to give credit to me in the description, I barely did anything a anyway but thank you. I am actually creating a mod named Planetopia whith two others which you are welcome to join if you would like. BTW I changed my name from Planet Prototype to Regulus!
Elastico345's picture

@RegulusStudios yea but still even you barely helping me to my mod. i can still put you to the credits of my mod.
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Wow. I'm glad people are actually putting work into the mods they make... most people... I'm just lazy... and so are a bunch of other people. I'm downloading this mod. It looks insane

When i First saw this mod i was like omg its a dream come true O3O My 2 favorite things mix together (lol get it =3) Mixels and Minecraft Thanks So Much + You did i great Job on the models P.S. If you make scorpi that will make my day =D From Mixelsguy765 AKA Jack also subscribe to my channel heres a link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGV1wB1VKftRFJXPvWRdmhg
Elastico345's picture

@Mixelsguy765 Thanks for the Positive Feedback and also i will make Scorpi Eventually in the future Snapshots

@Elastico345 OK THANKS

@Elastico345 OK THANKS