Advanced Gun Mod

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This mod adds to guns into the game, the gold gun, which uses gold bullets which look similar to gold nuggets, and the lapiz lazuli gun, which uses lapiz lazuli bullets.(Also the guns are kind of OP, also when you shot the gold gun, the bullet will cause a fire if it hits a block.

Enjoy :)

In the 1.9 update for the mod, I added the Redstone gun, which uses red stone as bullets.

The crafting recipe for the redstone gun is to the right of this message.

New update added in the Iron Gun, which uses iron ingots as bullets. And added the diamond gun which uses diamond bullets, also added the Stone gun and stone bullet.

Hey just added the Netherrack, and Emerald Guns, Emerald Gun Uses Emerald bullets, and Netherrack Gun used Nether Warts.

Just Updated it again,and adds in the Bedrock Gu, Bedrock Bullet, Bedrock Crafting recipe whic is 3 emeralds on the top, nether star in the middle, and 3 obsidian on the bottom which gives you 5 bedrock blocks, The obsidian Gun, and Obsidian Bullet.


Im making an update for this mod for 1.9

1.9 update is here

good concept but you might need like a little more to it maybe bullet proof vest but each vest only works against one type of gun So Lapis bullet vest would block all damage from the lapis gun but not other guns and maybe when you get shot it gives you slowness since it would like knock the wind out of you in real life then maybe you could make a multi bullet vest out of all the other bullet vest surrounding a nether star in the crafting table

Okay sounds like a good idea. See what I can do.
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Can you also make a gun that set fire when shooted?

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@ModTower There are two guns in this mod that cause a fire when the gun shoots the bullet. They are the gold gun and the netherrack gun. The most recent download to get them in is the 3rd download. Also the red stone gun when you shoot with it will cause an explosion.

Add obsidian gun and obsidian bullets

@veljko53 sounds like a good idea. I'll try to get it into mod as soon as I can.

Is there a coal gun? I haven't downloaded the mod yet but by my mind if you haven't made a coal gun and coal bullets, please do so. In the meantime, I'll download it! :)

I make mods, I mean they arent good. I have a YT Channel where I will be posting review videos for my mods.


@XxSonic4xX Sounds like a good idea.