Just a Normal Mod (READ DESCRIPTION) (Fixed) v0.1 (abandoned)

Minecraft version: 

This mod adds a tiny bit of stuff, for testing if they work, i know they did work, i would keep working on the mod. But for now, it just adds some stuff.


Next version:

Refferences from games, such as the mob i'm working on, Papyrus.

More items.

More tools.

And more.


Work in progress.


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this is orrible i mean the demon and the mod

@Lorenzo Stella LOL. My brother even said it was a test. and a joke.

@bumbadabumfoot Oh yeah and the demon

@bumbadabumfoot He is just a stupid texture i created when i was playing with my friends on steam.

@Lorenzo Stella But yeah i will delete this becuase my brother is stupid as crap.

@Lorenzo Stella Also, nice mods you got.

@Lorenzo Stella Oh yeah and that one question with my brother and how he made this mod, i made the senor mod.

I know it's just a joke XD

I fucing hate my brother he thinks he caould just make an account on my pc on this website and make a terrible noobish mod like this. Sorry, he is like stupid and he created it.

So yeah, i didn't make it my brother did. He is like the most retarded person on earth, like more dumber than patrick. He doesn't even know how to spell door correctly.