Biome Express 1.0.0

Minecraft version: 

Welcome to the new Minecraft Mod Biome Exress! This Mod adds in ten new biomes to explore such as quarry's!

Note: This mod only works with Minecraft Forge 1.8.8 and not older versions such as 1.8.1!




Add CobblestoneDesert (Biome)

Add CobblestoneForest (Biome)

Add StoneQuarry (Biome)

Add CobblestoneQuarry (Biome)

Add CoalQuarry (Biome)

Add IronQuarry (Biome)

Add MurkyWaters (Biome)

Add FrozenPlains (Biome)

Add OakTreeMountains (Biome)

Add StoneMountains (Biome)


1.0.1 (Coming Soon)

Edit IronQuarry Mob Spawns

Edit FrozenPlains Mob Spawns