Ultimate Mod

Minecraft version: 

Hello ! This is my first mod published here !

Ultimate Mod add 1 block and 11 items !

You can see my blog here: http://letuteurdu75.wix.com/bi-blog

Thanks for 130 downloads!


V. 1.0.0:

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This mod add:

The Ultimate Block:

The Ultimate Gemme:

The Ultimate Sword:

The LightSaber Handle:

The LightSaber (on):

The Teleporting Gun:

The Teleporting Arrow:


V. 1.1.0:

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This uptade modify the lightsaber (on) to the blue lightsaber. Now, "light" and "saber" are fastened.

This update also add:

The Setter Spawn:

The Red LightSaber:

The Green LightSaber:

The Purple LightSaber:

The White LightSaber:



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The Ultimate Blocks has no craft, he is natural, between the couch 25 and 0.

The Ultimate Gemme:

The Ultimate Sword:

The lightsaber handle:

The blue lightsaber:

The teleporting gun:

The teleporting arrow

The setting spawn:

The red lightsaber:

The green lightsaber:

The purple lightsaber:

The white lightsaber:



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UM1: After setted your spawn with the setter spawn, you respawn 5 blocks of where you setted your spawn

Presentation video of my mod !


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@KKM8 I don't know how to insert photos
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@KKM8 I did photos and submitted it

Hey First newest version ok second someone who knows there stuff besides me can make a really cool lightsaber mod there are average saber in way more colors than I've seen anybody use there are shotos (short lightsabers) for smaller species There Are bigger lightsabers for big species and even a whip like lightsaber a lightwhip do some research and make sure its really customizable cause lightsabers in starwars are that way
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@raven crystal O.K