The Rift Armor Mod [Alpha 0.1]

Minecraft version: 

Hey guys, I'm KicksBrickster, animator (not quite)-extroadinaire. Recently I have been more and more interested in modding Minecraft, so I decided to try it out with my first mod, the Rift Armor mod.

The Rift Armor mod adds in a handful of new weapons, based on my Rift Armor, which I made for my animations. Not this is both an early alpha mod, and also my first mod, so there are some issues I am still ironing out. Namely, a lot of balancing issues.

Here is a brief overview of the items in this mod:

Rift Helmet:

When worn, this piece gives a Night Vision and Water Breathing buff. It has 550 durability, and 3 armor points.

Rift Chestplate:

When worn, this piece gives a Resistance and Absorbtion buff. It has 800 durability, and 8 armor points.

Rift Leggings:

When worn, this piece gives a Jump Boost buff. It also negates fall damage, and has an armor rating of 6. It has a durability of 750.

Rift boots:

When worn, this piece gives a Speed buff. It has 650 durability, and 4 armor points.


This weapon does 14 attack damage, and has 720 durability. (WIP: damage is too high, trying to find a good number)

Rift Blaster:

This weapon shoots Phasic Crystals. It can kill most mobs in two hits. It has 720 durability points. (WIP: shoots arrows, custom sounds, better balance)

Phasic Crystal:

Ammo fir the Rift Blaster. Crafted with redstone and quartz. (WIP: trying to figure out how to make a shapeless recipe)




To Do List (If I get around to it):

+Add the rest of the Rift Armors (There are 4, Flight, Stealth, Combat, and Generic)

+Fix balancing issues

+Phasic as an ore, and used to craft the armors.


All of the textures in this mod were created by me. Do not use them without permission.


i like this
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Question, how do you give armor special tetures (my key is broken, thus tetures lol)?

Mod creator. I have made: Quantum Fun

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To make a shapeless recipe just make a new recipe. choose what you want it to craft put it the items and click the little fancy check box that says is shapeless recipe =D