The Lost Origins

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The Zombie Pigmen have golden swords, and there is no gold to be found in the Nether.  Where did they get it?  As a matter of fact, where did the monsters of Minecraft even come from?  These are the Lost Origins.  The purpose of this mod is to answer these questions by finding their beginnings.  You must uncover an ancient story that has been lost to time.  In it you will find the beginnings of the Zombie Pigmen, the monsters, and even the Nether itself. 

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Nethergold Ore

Netheryte Ore

Ancient Unknown Fern

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Nethergold Ingot

Netheryte Ingot

Nethergold Pickaxe

Nethergold Axe

Nethergold Shovel

Nethergold Hoe

Nethergold Sword

Netheryte Pickaxe

Netheryte Axe

Netheryte Shovel

Netheryte Hoe

Netheryte Sword


First Unknown Book

Weird Pamphlet 2

Second Unknown Book

Weird Pamphlet 3

Third Unknown Book

Unknown Pamphlet 4

Fourth Unknown Book

Unknown Pamphlet 5

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Where the Nether Used to Be

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Old House

Government Building

Storage Center



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