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This mod has been in development for a while and has been delayed many times and remade many times. It has not even got a proper version of the mod yet. I have a full plan on how I want the mod to be played. I don't want a cheesy and simple mod which any one could make, neither do I want a really advanced mod which requires a lot of recorces to make every item. I want options in my mod. There will be two parts of the mod, story and freemode. The ability to choose wheather you want to play the story or freemode is an option in my mod in enhance gameplay. If people were to record gameplay of my mod, I want to make it intresting so I want content but also a good story so people would watch.


Inspired by games such as 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fallout 4' is the choice to change the story within the mod. The freedom to choose how the story flows. From sarcasm to good heart to pure evil for the new responses which is enabled with this mod to be enjoyable for all. Interactions within each dimension should be able to change the storyline of the mod. There will be chapters within the story but they will be updated later on. Features from freemode will be added into the storymode so you can learn more about each item and machine. There will be a good and a bad ending to each chapter and the final ending at the last few updates.


I want the freedom to do whatever you want in each dimension which is full of new structures and new mobs, plants, blocks and ores. Not all dimensions will be adventured as there is freemode dimensions and story dimensions. The story dimensions is replica's of freemode dimensions but with the storyline built into it. While freemode dimensions is replica's of story mode without the stories within it. When building in a story mode dimension, don't expect it to be in a freemode dimension. No storymode mobs (example: People who speak)  will spawn in freemode. However all other features including the highly hyped VOIDLE will be an option to use in freemode however it may be OP in freemode. It may be nerfed in later updates.



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Thanks for downloading and rating my mod. Please leave a review in the description.
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nice mod! ive got an idea called the great adventure mod but I don't now if I should make it!
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@cool man50 You should. It would be great! Add new structures to the game to adventure in!
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Great mod...Works very good with Christmas Mod... xD :P
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An update is coming including something deadly and a new way to get into the dimension. This update is big for a day worth of work. Hope you enjoy.
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Updates the descriptions of all my mods. Now just screenshots.
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I notice a bug where the skin of the voider is glitched. I will try and fix that next update.
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I was just about to begin creating my Voided Ores mod until I saw this. I made a block named Voided Stone how Ironic. Do you want to team up creating a Voided Mod?
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I could do I suppose, it does sound like a good idea actually. Since this is a very small mod at the moment I guess I could create a team and add more features to it. This is currently in Alpha anyway.
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ok I will make the mod this is awesome sorry that I didn't reply sooner