Cody's RPG mod V.2.0.0

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Hey Guys This is my newest mod "Cody's RPG mod". This mod adds in 46 new mods(1 demension,3 blocks,9 items,9 tools,6 guns,1 gui,1 achevement,2 crafting recipies,7 mobs,2 biomes(one is demension),and 5 armors)

This mod has many things from Hell ore, to steampunk, to daftpunk, to scarymobs, this mod im sure has something for you!!

[ATTENTION] Mcreator only allows 10MB of memory per file so i had to split up the mod into different parts so for the mod to work propery, download all the parts in the download section. THX!!

Part 2 coming soon!!

Also please leave a comment on what you think of the mod!!

And if you want to support me feel free to subscribe to my youube channel:

Also im 12, so sorry for any spelling mistakes.


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Slime Dimension

The slime dimension is very laggy with and without optifine so be careful in the demension.

there are 2 mobs that spawn in this demension the slimeman, and the slime demon.

Flint and Slime

Flint and slime isn't craftble at the moment but is used to light the slime portal.


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Mined with iron or higher pick. Can be smelted into Hell Ingots

Slimeingot Block

Made of Slime Ingots. Used in the Slime Portal frame.

Friedslime Block

Made by cooking slimeblocks can be used to make the slime sword.


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Hell Ingot

The Hell Ingot is made by smeltig Hellore. This is used to make Hell Tools and Armor

Slime Ingot

Made by cooking slime, 9 of these make a Slimeingot Block used to go to the Slime Demension.

Bronze Ingot

Slap an iron ingot and gold ingot in a craftingtable, and BAM! you got a Bronze Ingot. Used to make a Bronze Gear.

Iron Gear

Made by putting iron in a craftingtable in a + patern. Used to make guns. You get the Steampunk Achivement when made.

Bronze Gear

Made by putting Bronze Ingots in a craftingtable in a + pattern. Used to make guns.

Diamond Gear

Made by putting Diamondss in a craftingtable in a + pattern. Used to make guns.

Obsidian Ingot

Made by smelting a block of Obsidian. used to make Obsidian tools.


Made by putting a pice of iron in the middle of a crafting table. Ammo for guns.

The Spawn Setter 3000


Its in the name. sets your spawn. Made with 4 iron, 3 diamonds,1 emerald, and 1 redstone.


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Thick Diamond Sword

Made by filling a crafting table with new diamond swords.


Dropped by the boss Death.

Slime Sword

Made of 2 Friedslime Blocks on a stick.

Hell Sword

Made With 2 Hell Ingots and a stick.

Hell Pickaxe

Made with 3 Hell Ingots and 2 sticks.Mines anything.

Hell Axe

Made with 3 Hell ingots and 2 sticks.

Obsidian Tools

{images coming soon}


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Flintlock Lv.I

Made with 2 iron ingots, 1 Iron gear, and 1 oak plank

Flintlock Lv.II

Made with 2 gold ingots, 1 Bronze gear, and 1 oak plank

Flinklock Lv.III

Made with 2 diamonds, 1 Diamond Gear, and 1 oak plank

Steampunk Rifle Lv.I

Made of 3  Flintlock Lv.1 's in a diagonal line

Steampunk Rifle Lv.II

Made of 3  Flintlock Lv.2 's in a diagonal line


Steampunk Rifle Lv.III

Made of 3  Flintlock Lv.3 's in a diagonal line


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Earned when you make an Iron Gear


no images yet sorry.

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Slime Man


Slime Demon


Pumpkin Head


Scary Zombie



{no image provided}

this boss for somereason crashes your game so be carefull. Spawns in the Scary Biome, Drops the Scythe.



Easter Egg Basket



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Scary Biome

{no image provided}

A desolite land of dirt. The Scary Zombie and Pumpkin Head spawn here, along with the boss Death






Excellent mod!!! keep up the good work!
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@TWINKIEminer thx!!

MCreator Moderator :)

Good, Execelent, AMAZING, Awesome Job, Keep making mods! xD
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@Mathisenberg thanks :)

MCreator Moderator :)

Im so jealous of you that this is so awsome. is there any way to subscribe you?
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@IMIE I dont know if u can sub me for mods but if you want to help feel free to sub to my youtube account

MCreator Moderator :)
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Cool mod:D

Im 14 guys and from austria (thats a signature below comments) #lennface

Great Job!!
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yes if u try to spawn death(grim reaper) your game will crash srry..

MCreator Moderator :)
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Thank you for all the suport

MCreator Moderator :)