Magenta Worlds

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Magenta Worlds lets you explore the exciting new dimensions of FrostFall and DeepVine. Explore new locations. Fight new monsters and find new loot!

All information regarding crafting, mobs, structures, installation and everything else can be found here on the official website.


I really hope you guys enjoy my first mod :)

I spent months making it so please show me some support :) Thank you so much


  (Remember to go to the website for all details and content that the mod adds)


Some Images of the mod     |             



GH127's picture

Great mod!I really liked it,I just think that months are a little to much to make a mod Like this one,with a little more practice you could make this in 2 weeks or so.Anyway,I hope you make more cool mods and share with us, your Textures are good,the idea is nice and the way you did it is really cool!

@GH127 Thank you so much for your support and advice, It really means alot to me. I also really like your website and your mods :) Best of luck in the future and I can't wait to see what other mods you make!

Very good! Love it <3 PS: FrostFall is nice Name :D

@FatMelon Thank you for your positive feedback :D
Theminecraftler's picture

Nice work men and if you make another mod make it good


Drewpy's picture

Heyo! I absolutely love the feel of this mod. It's great! Nice work!

@Drewpy Thanks :)

This mod is really great! The textures are wunderfull, the dimensions are cool, and the crafting recepies are well selected! Keep it on!

@Fefe11 It would be nice, if you make some weapons, tools and armor!

Can I make a mod review of this? If so, put it in the review section of next update or edit this one. Comment answer plz.