Red Lapis Lazuli Mod 1.2.5

Minecraft version: 

My first MCreator mod called "Red Lapis Lazuli Block" (my test mod)

A mod created with MCreator. My first attempt to make a mod (not just my first attempt to make a mod with MCreator), my first ever attempt to make a minecraft mod. Please note that this mod is only for 1.2.5. Enjoy this mod. No rude or mean comments or if you are a youtuber I am blocking you from my channel.


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i like it,its original.
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I dont see how you will update this mod and why you made it to 1.2.5 and not to 1.8 or 1.7.10...Like progamer270 said,its original,but It doesnt add that much.If you want to turn Lapis Lazuli block to red just create a resource pack :3
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@GH127 Hey, relaz. It's a test mod.

Oh, I didn't see you there. BECAUSE I AM A SIGNATURE :P

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its like going back in time the old minecraft
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@maxde6 but I don't think forge 1.2.5 is available anymore unless you go on another site and get a virus

Its a good Idea, but You can change the 'lazuli' word, cause it remembers the word 'azul', that is provenient from some latin provenient languages (specifically portuguese and spanish), that means 'blue', for other word, like 'rubroli', or redoli, or vermeli (or leaves it being red lapis) so, you can make a mod for one lapis for each color of minecraft, 16, counting with blue, and these lapis can be changed to minecraft vanilla colors, like rose red, dandellion yellow, cactus green, cocoa seeds, ink sac, etc