"The Oldern Times..."

Minecraft version: 

This RPG mod will really beef up your minecraft world since there are now some much more to find! There are swords, crossbows, new ores, biomes, mobs, and items. There are also things called artifacts that help you survive the world. there are also many swords with many different, unique crafting recipes. NEI is recommended due to the large amount of crafting recipes in this mod. Unfortunately, my mod has some bugs, becuase of MCreator, however please give me your feedback and always have fun! Thanks!

There are blueprints introduced into this mod, they work like schematics, you need them and certain materials to make unique and strong weapons. Crossbows are also implemented into the game, however I must say, it's tough to just make the regular one, let alone, make the upgraded versions! Anyways, have fun and enjoy.


Probably won't have a new version, cause my mod workspace just disappeared for some reason and I can't import my mod either
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i can see you spended a lot of time in this mod and i like it.good job

Thanks I have, but there's still lots to improve and fix still.