ThamerG4mer Mod

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This mod is not an offical "full version" of the mod, but rather a sample of what i'm making, now some stuff might not work as its Supposed to, but as i said "its not an offical full version of the mod, but a sample" if you want to see more of my creations, stay tuned :)


if you're curious of how old i am, i'm 13
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srsly? im not usualy mean, but really? PHONE GUY STUFF? and have a proper description.

@proxerater i said its not a full version of the mod, there will be a "Sno0p_do0g" boss and other stuff not fnaf related, this is what i could create in this time, i still don't know how to create a mob yet, so i hope you don't judge my creation of a single sample, better samples coming soon, if you didn't like this one