Lost Origins Alpha 1.0.1

Minecraft version: 

ALPHA​​ v1.0.1

Where did the Pigmen get their gold swords? Where did they get the gold nuggets from? The creators of the Lost Origins Mod have sought to answer this question.  In the Lost Origins Mod you will find a whole new biome, new tools, weapons, mobs, items, and more.  Unlock a story that comes from a long lost era, and find out the truth behind the origins of the the Nether, and the many mysteries behind it.
Nethergold Ore
Nethergold Ingot
Nethergold Block
Netherite Ore
Netherite Ingot
Ancient Unknown Fern
Nethergold Pickaxe
Nethergold Axe
Nethergold Hoe
Nethergold Shovel
Nethergold Sword
Nethergold Armor
Creeper Prototype
Alpha 1.0.1 changes:
Added a new Lost Origins Mod tab in the creative menu.
Remade the textures of the Nethergold tools.