CandyMod 1.8

Minecraft version: 

This mod would add some of some candy in the world. This is still a work in progress so if there is anything that you think is wrong. Tell me on email or To email me: Well back to the mod. This mod has skittles, Chocolate, Tools, Armor. There would be blocks to. I have worked really hard so expect what you see, this is my first mod. So please rate this mod good. :) Thank you.


I forgot to say i also added a dimension. :) My name On here is Djmarquez Was going to name Theboys619 But i cant.

Items that are not on screen. Candy Coal, Igniter, And Candy stick. Items Were not displayed due to the highlight of the item.
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how to build the dimension portal please?

@SwaggyPig you need the candy block then use the igniter.
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me: Im going to make a candy mod! *goes on mcreator website* me: REALLY?!?!?!