Better Minecraft Mod

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Hello There!

Welcome To Beter Minecraft Mod!

Add More Things In To Minecraft!
This Mod Is Still In Beta So Maybe There is Bugs!

Update 1.0 Beta!


Rubys And Ruby Ore

Stone Slab Block

Slab In To Block

You Can Make Dungeons


Because I Love Eggs!!! :P


Update 1.1


Ruby Armor!

Bug Fixes:

Fix a Lot Of Crafting Recipes




Update 1.2


Chocolate Bar

Ruby Dimension!

Bug Fixes:

No Bugs (:


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The word "beter" is spelt wrong. its "better". we can tell youre 5.
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@proxerater oh and "Dungens". dude its dungeons.

@proxerater you're
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@proxerater Please, just, stop.
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oh and plus i love this mod. i downloaded it. even if everything is spelled wrong, its awesome. :P

Opps I Spelled Beter Instead of Better! Also New Bug Fix Update is Out! And New Update is Coming Tomorrow!
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@JayPlays_YT you mean "Oops"? xD

New Update Is Here! Sorry For Not Updating This Mod! Also Soon Im Updating this Mod To 1.8

Please Report Any Bugs! And Share Your Thoughts On The Mod! (: