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Atlanticraft that's all I have to say about this mod :) Download this little mod that I worked on for 1 day I wont do updates or anything else unless you guys have ideas for this mod so as the atlanticraft say ( kinda ) if your idea that you wanted gets in the mod ( it has to relate to the atlanticraft ) you are the atlantean of the day :)


Haven't you watch AtlanticCraft's new parody: "Atlanteans"? Watch it if you haven't then I suggest you to add the things were in that video like: JoeBuz's sword, Cody's staff, both of them armor, atlanteans, the Guardian king would be cool,.....

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@Jackygunter Good idea I'll try to get the texture better than on the mermaid when I add it in ;)
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@Jackygunter New updated it added the stuff you wanted and I messed up on the model so I just drew a texture for Cody's staff :(