World Trigger Mod 0.5.5

Minecraft version: 

This mod, World Trigger mod, is a mod based on the anime "World Trigger", where beings called Neighbors invade our world and it's up to the organization, border, to utilize their technology and fight back. Like the anime, the tools created with trion, Triggers, are added. Activating them is as simple as right clicking in the air, or as in the anime is, saying "Trigger On!" In this mod is also added mobs such as the Rabbit or the Marmod, these are also known as Trion Soldiers. Run around the world Minecraft using the Trigger of your choice, whether it be a Kogetsu Trigger or the Black Trigger "Fujin". Trigger On!

Note: This items in this mod run on trion. Trion Shards and Trion Crystals both are very valuable seeing as they basically power all the weapons and allow use of them. Please keep that in mind for those that haven't watched the anime.

0.5.5 Bugfix Update Features:
-Gate Block Now Spawns Trion Soldiers at a proper rate.
-Arguda Bullets are now obtainable from killing Enemy Arguda's
-Border Rabit and Arguda (Xeno's/Yours) will now follow you when you hold a Trion Shard
-ReAdded Hyuse and Mira with new models
-Visa has a new model
-Shields (Yuma's Black Trigger Shield, Border Shield, Raygust Shield Mode. Hold right click and have trion in inventory to use. Warning, this will consume massive amount of trion)
-All Triggers (Minus Fujin, Organon, and Ergatis Triggers) are now equipped with shields.
-Armor will no longer give effects unless you have trion in inventory
-Added Lilith
-Aftokrator Cape (Given when using an Aftokrator trigger, for example, Organon)
-Secret Trigger (For now can only get through /give, it will be available for 0.6.0)

World Trigger 0.4.0 Feature Video