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I love growtopia alot, so I decided I wanted to have it Minecraft. There is a large array of items, including Blocks, Wings, Horses, Clothing, Weather Machines, Items, and Plants. 

I am working on a website for recipes and more! Full Credit to Seth and Hamumu, and hope you download my Growtopia Mod. Tell me your name in Growtopia and I'll friend you!

I've added more than 200 items so far, and I hope to add more.


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Added and Released. (bold)

Added and Unreleased. (italic)

No progress. (underline)



Version 0.0.3 [UNRELEASED]

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- Chairs and Tables for better decor.

- Fixed Heartstone Deposit issues.

- Wooden Platforms.


Version 0.0.2

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- Ninja Set.

- Better textures for some clothing.

- Shifty Block (my texture).

- New shoes, pants, and more.

- New plants (Palm Tree, Sugar Cane, Cactus, Wheat).

- Blasts/Dimensions (Desert, Beach, Ocean, Mars). 


Version 0.0.1 (Main Release)

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- 100+ Blocks

- 7+ Items

- 7+ Plants

- 6+ Weather Machines

- 7+ Tools/Weapons

- 20+ Clothing (Wings, Masks, Shoes)




Growtopia made by Seth Robinson and Mike Hommel. (Seth and Hamumu)

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