Milk's Ore Mod

Minecraft version: 

Milk's Ore Mod is a wonderful mod for minecraft that adds in:

    4 new ores and gems (more coming soon!)

    4 new tool sets (more coming soon!)

    4 new armor sets (more coming soon!)

    1 new item (more coming soon!)

    And craftable chain armor!!

All armor and tool recipes are crafted as if you would craft normal tools and armor.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I will add some when the mod gets new additions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This isn't anywhere near complete. I would really appreciate your guys support! Please comment any suggestions or needed fixes!


Please don't hesitate to post suggestions or fixes :D
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You know you can craft chain armor with fire


@JustGameIn yeah but you can't obtain fire without too many items

Do You Mind If I Put this Mod On If I Do More People Will Download And Will Get More Noticed!!! My Youtube: My Profile: And If You Sign Up I Will Add You To The Project! If You Want Me To Just E-MAIL Me At And Subject [Host My Mod On Forge] And Just Give Me The Link To The Mod Just Incase I Forget It!!!

@jtrent238 yeah sure go for it!

Guys I'm sorry but since my computer was broken for the past few days I had to wipe my pc so I lost the contents of this mod so definitely look out for a new mod in the future!