CraftAble Fire Mod!

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This mod adds craftable fire in here! When you get tired of seeing the old diamond armor you can get chain armor instead. Or if you want this to be on a cauldron server you have my permission. And all it takes to make a peice of fire is 1 Fire Charge In A Crafting Table And There You Go! This isnt supposed to be anything major, just a simple mod that somone might want.


Have Fun! If you want this to be added to your modpack or modded server, be my guest, just dont claim it!

Poop. Simply do a one-piece another ... Stupidly. MineTweaker together and push my way to do almost the same mod.


All im doing is making simple mods for people who might want to add them to thier modded servers for easyer gameplay.

Emm...Shitty... This craft can be created with a simple plugin for servers, so this mods is useless.
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@ZasETLB10 No it is not actully. It is useful. You can create chain armor with fire.