Magic Stones

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Magic Stones


In diesem Mod kannst du Magische Erze finden, die wen du sie schmiltz Magische Steine ergeben. Die Magischen Steine kannst du weiter Craften.

Dieser Mod enthält:

  • Xenius (Biom)
  • Xenus (Dimension)
  • 6 Steine Magische Steine (Item)
  • 6 Magische Schwerter (Item)
  • 5 Magische Erze (Block)
  • Portal Xenus Aktivierer (Item)
  • Erz Monster (Mob)
  • Magic Stones + Erze (Creative Tab)

Total: 22


In this mod you can find Magic ores. When you melt them you become Magic Stones. The Magic Stones you can continue crafting.
This mod includes:

  • Xenius (Biome)
  • Xenu (Dimension)
  • 6 Stones Magic Stones (Item)
  • 6 Magic Swords (Item)
  • 5 Magic ore (Block)
  • Portal Xenus Activator (Item)
  • Ore monster (Mob)
  • Magic Stones + ores (Creative Tab)

Total: 22


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Please re-wright the description in English, if you do not your mod will be removed.


@xXMCXx Translated, In this mod you can find Magic ores whom thou arise schmiltz Magic Stones . The magic stones you can continue crafting . This mod includes : Xenius ( biome ) Xenu ( Dimansion ) 6 Stones Magic Stones ( Item ) 6 Magic Swords ( Item ) 5 Magic ore ( Block ) Portal Xenus Activator ( Item ) Ore monster ( mob ) Magic Stones + ores ( Creative Tab ) Total : 22

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