Akame Ga Kill! Mod 1.1.0

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Hey guys how is everyone going?After some time without playing Minecraft I decided to start a new mod called Akame Ga Kill! This is other mod based on one of my favorite animes so I hope everyone enjoy it like my SAO mod.For now this mod only have a few addons but its still cool.

Version 1.0.0 (Pre-alpha version)

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Teigu Research Table
Oricalchum Ore
Oricalchum Ingot
Refined Oricalchum Ingot
Blank Teigu Recipe
Murasame Teigu Recipe
Teigu Core
Teigu Book(Help book W.I.P)

Version 1.1.0 (Alpha version)

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Crafting is working well now :D


Murasame Essence
Venemous Plant
Deadly Poison
Akame Spawner(craftable spawner egg)

Teigu Book(Bugs/Crash)
PS:Akame its soooooooo OP for now(1 hit kill,speed and 7000 of life) but it will be balanced on the future don't worry xD

To research a recipe of a weapon you need to get a essence first(for an example Murasame Essence) by killing a boss (Example:Akame drops Murasame Essence) and then click on the "Research" button(Teigu Research Table)


Its highly recommended to use Not Enough Items!

I will be updating this mod every time i can so stay tunned :D Also when i get more items/mobs/swords I will be posting here a special mod showcase map that im working on.


PS: AKAME SKIN NOT OWNED BY ME!(Going to make my own soon)


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Finaly someone is doing a AGK mod,its my favorite anime.I like the way you are going to make the craftings with recipe papers,I hope the best for you making this mod ^^.Oh and also are you going to use coding for this mod?Because idk how you are going to make somethings of the anime
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@lunageek345 Thank you very much lunageek :) .And yeah im going to use coding for some little things that can't be done on mcreator(For an example the "pumpkin" shot)
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Neat Mod, I really liked AGK. I have always wanted to make an anime mod but cant due to my terrible texture making. Best of luck to you my friend! XD


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@xXMCXx Thank you xXMCXx :)

what is the show could and what channel is it on

where can i download the mod?

@florian603 well i have the mod now...but it crashes ):
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@florian603 Hey florian,idk why it is crashing but sadly im not going to update this mod on the next weeks because im currently working on new projects
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How do you upload images?