mOres Mod 1.1.0

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I'm sorry it took so long time to publish this mod. First when I was making this mod and was almost done then there was an error and I couldn't fix it so I stopped working on the mod, many months later I started working with the mod again and I published it! This mod is called Mores mod. It means More Ores and the name explains what it adds.

Yesterday @fnaf springtrap gave the idea to add titanium so I added it. Thanks to @fnaf springtrap for the idea. If you got any ideas on what I can add then I will probably add it if I like the idea.

Added in 1.1.0

  • Titanium Ore, Titanium Ingot
  • Titanium Tools
  • Titanium Armor
  • Titanium Block

Added in 1.0.0

  • Emerald Tools
  • Emerald Armor
  • Tin Ore, Tin Ingot
  • Copper Ore, Copper Ingot
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Tools
  • Bronze Armor
  • Ruby Ore, Ruby
  • Ruby Tools
  • Ruby Armor
  • Copper Block
  • Ruby Block
  • Tin Block
  • Mores TabĀ 


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add titanium and villager traded bedrock armor

@fnaf springtrap. Thank you for the idea, and with villager traded bedrock armor, do you mean that the villagers can trade bedrock armor?
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you there

Thank you @fnaf springtrap for the idea on titanium!!!