Chromium++ Mod

Minecraft version: 

Welcome people to the Chromiumplusplus mod!

Basically the mod adds...uh.. A new ore called Chromium, and Chromium tools, and armour.(Of course)

So it's not much of a mod but this is my first mod, so hope y'all like it <3

It's a good mod to use in survival, because the weapons are better than diamond, but break very soon!

Now about the recipes, good thing I don't need to write much because all the recipes are the same ;)

For example: Making a Chromium sword is the same but instead of wood/stone... and so on, you have to use the Chromium.

Things you should know:


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Chromium Ore is mined just like the other ores in Minecraft. Chromium is obtained by smelting the ore in a furnace containing coal(Everyone must know that)

Follow the development process on Trello!

Feedback is really appreciated, It's what makes the mod grow and get better!  


I'm testing!

@Lyon Thanks! Tell me any bugs! By the way I'm thinking of adding more stuff into the mod! Any Ideas guys?