Earth 3000 World Decorations

Minecraft version: 

This mod add some blocks to minecraft:

  • Metal "wood"
  • Metal leaves
  • Asphalt
  • Time machine frame
  • Artificial fruit
  • Tar
  • Flying traffic light
  • Glow grass
  • Super Computer
  • Screen 
  • Keyboard
  • Console
  • Metal ladder
  • Some animated lights
  • Mono-rails
  • Electric wire

some tools:

  • Brush to draw white lines on asphalt
  • Hi-Tech visor

and a Mob:

  • RoboGuard 


I am going to download it maybe is good.

Do You Mind If I Put this Mod On If I Do More People Will Download And Will Get More Noticed!!! My Youtube: My Profile: And If You Sign Up I Will Add You To The Project! If You Want Me To Just E-MAIL Me At And Subject [Host My Mod On Forge] And Just Give Me The Link To The Mod Just Incase I Forget It!!!
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@jtrent238 yes you can put the mode on