Craft Of Zombies Mod

Minecraft version: 

This mod base on the Call of Duty Zombies game.

It's currently add in:


-Nazi Zombie

These guys just like normal zombies


These hellhounds are normal hungry wolf that want your meat


+Ray Gun

Shoot like a normal gun

+Wunderwaffe DG-2

While the arrow is flying it will strike lightning


Shoot powerful arrows


*Ray Gun's Battery

Ammo of Ray Gun [stack: 20]

*Wunderwaffe DG-2's Ammo

Ammo of Wunderwaffe DG-2 [stack: 3]

*Thundergun's Ammo

Ammo of Thundergun [stack: 2]

Crafting Recipes:

I suggest using Not Enough Items

{This mod is still new so there's not much stuffs in it}