Fnaf 1 2 3 and 4 mod

Minecraft version: 

Fnaf 1 2 3 mod includes


withered freddy


phantom freddy





Its fnaf all character almost

Its wip

soon to be fnaf 1 2 3 and 4 mod

spawn eggs for all animatronics

some are bosses like freddy or the shadow animatronics

its been tested

updating i have to do

like adding toy freddy

I might just use the freddy skin i made with mcskin3d

until it stoped working

I use a different program now

I will add more drops because they only drop redstone right now sucks right

-New info FNAF 4 update officially released!

I know i missed some animatronics so im adding them!!!!

Bugs i know about

Balloon boy texture messed up

Im going to release a new fnaf mod for 1.8 I will use most of the same textures.

But that will take a while as I have other mods in mind.

The next version will have fnaf world.

Fnaf mod 1.8 is near finishing 

Why is it taking so long, because I had a computer change and had to move the textures to my new computer, also because this upcoming version is a lot bigger. Finally because this is a complete remake.


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Hope u enjoy
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@maxde6 What do you mean redstone sucks IT'S AMAZING!!!

@DisobeyedMule i agree with you. Redstone is amazing. You can do so many things with it.

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@R3DSTON3_MAST3R yeah I guess so
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@maxde6 What do you mean redstone sucks IT'S AMAZING!!!
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@DisobeyedMule It is?
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"won't add toy freddy cuz he's boring" ... and this is called FNAF 1,2,3 and 4. you are kindly supposed to add aLL the animatronics, since this game represents 'em all.

*Sneakin' in to jumpscare everyone that i hate.*


*i just jumpscared 225 peoples right now.*

*and then the 6AM makes me shutdown.*

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@AkumaG That's why im updating the mod again

It would be nice if there where custom drops, like freddy ingot or something like that.
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@leonport Good idea, except I cant work on this anymore because Mcreator 1.7x has stopped working so I have to use 1.8 I am making a new version of this mod though.