Vending Machine - WIP

Minecraft version: 

This mod is unfinished:

There are  some small issues with this mod, somtimes it doesnt update to phase 7 image, When you remove the top block it doesnt remove the whole machine.

This will be fixed later. This is only beta. i want to see what people think about it.

This is a vending machine that adds a 2 block vending machine.

This machine add raw beef to the vending machine via the eather.

The meat will update in the machine every 1000 ticks untill it is full

you can right click on the machine and get meat, until the machine is empty. where it will fill again.

hardness: 5

Resistance: 25

Material: Iron

Sound on step: Metal

Item Drop: Vending Machine

Luminance: 14

W.I.P: Pork vending machine will keep you updated.

Bug:  When beef updates in the vending machine it stops on the 7 meat - working on this issue.

Update: I have change the image on the side of the vending machine to reflect the item coming out of the machine.

it now shows a cow :D


How do i download a mod to my mcreator
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when you are in mcreator you export the file. Once the file is exported it will will be in a zip file at the location you saved. open mcreator click on Community>modification> on the right hand side of the screen it will say "Upload modification"

"I just want to create somthing wonderful and different"

How do I download this mod though I dont really understand what you are saying sorry.
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are you trying to download this mod to your minecraft? Below: All downloads for this mod click on > Vending Machine that dispenses Raw Beef where you downloaded your minecraft: goto >.minecraft>mods> put this file in this folder.

"I just want to create somthing wonderful and different"

Well You'll Need Forge Installed To Minecraft If Anything! Just Look It Up On Youtube, BTW, This Is A Good Mod, But You Should Check Mine Out When I Release it, "Colored Darkness", It'll Be Something Like The Dream Mod, Only I Didn't Get The Idea From It.
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thanks bubba, this mod took some time to do because of the 2 blocks that needed to be updated lol

"I just want to create somthing wonderful and different"